How to use Music Ace


To log onto Music Ace:

  1. Log onto your computer
  2. Put your curser on start and click
  3. Move the curser to Programs
  4. Go to Music Ace
  5. You will see a drop down menu – choose the last one on the list


Music Ace will open up and ask you to choose a name you should:

  1. Use the first blank space and type your name
  2. If there are no blanks, delete the name in the slot that corresponds to your class period
  3. Music Ace should continue once your name is selected


You will be presented with the main menu and you should:

  1. Select Lesson 1 and complete the lesson
  2. After the lesson, play the corresponding game
  3. Go to the next lesson and game
  4. When you have completed at least TWO lessons and games, go back to the main menu and choose Progress
  5. Then to Game Progress
  6. Print your Game Progress and leave it in the printer
  7. Go back to the main menu and choose Doodle Pad
  8. Work with Doodle Pad the remainder of the period
  9. Be sure to log out of the program before you log off of your computer